December 9, 2009, 1:00 pm

PepsiCo has announced it is supporting the Food Standards Agency’s campaign to lower the level of salt consumed in the British diet.

In addition to supporting the FSA’s salt roadshow by encouraging consumers to sample products that are lower in salt, PepsiCo is dedicated to reducing the typical levels of salt found in their products. Pepsico has already succeeded in removing 150 tonnes of salt from the UK diet in 2009 alone.

According to the FSA, the current average consumption of salt is 8.6g a day, far higher than the recommended level of 6g a day. The FSA is currently working to reduce the UK’s daily intake of salt through a series of initiatives such as a salt roadshow and a far-reaching advertising campaign.

PepsiCo support the programme and continue to focus efforts on reducing salt levels in their products.

The roadshow is visiting consumers and the stores they shop in with information on lower-salt food options. To help the FSA encourage consumers to try lower-salt options, the roadshow features money-off coupons for Quaker Oats, a cereal that is naturally low in salt.

The company says “This year we’ve built on our previous achievement, of reducing the levels of salt found across our Walkers range of crisps and snacks by between 25 and 55%, and are currently reducing the levels of salt found in Walkers crisps by a further 10%. By 2010 we also plan to remove artificial flavour enhancers, such as monosodium glutamate, which will reduce salt levels further”.

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