November 12, 2009, 7:00 am

The Food People product monthly comprehensive reports on trends in the food & drink industry. They glean these trends from their fifty or so field workers around the planet, who feed their finds into the UK based central trend brains.

Their latest sample report is on ice cream, and without charge you can take a peek at what they have to say on this world-wide subject.

For example:

Premium ice-cream is a highly sophisticated food category that doesn’t shy away from unusual flavours. But none of these stray quite as far from plain vanilla as an x-rated gelato by The Icecreamists that’s touted to have the same charge as a dose of Viagra.

Dubbed The Sex Pistol, the new flavour will be available exclusively at The Icecreamists’ shop, open in London’s Selfridges department store from 10 September –1 November 2009.Mixed into the frozen treat are ginkgo biloba, arginine and guarana—all guaranteed to increase blood flow and energy level. Before serving, The Sex Pistol is doused in La Fee Absinthe. And since presentation is key, the absinthe is administered from a drip bag into a pink water gun and fired at a heated sugar cube, which drops into the ice cream.

The Sex Pistol is deemed so potent that sales are limited to one per customer, although at GBP 11.99 customers might prefer to split one with a special friend.Besides The Sex Pistol and other ‘ice cream cocktails’, The Icecreamists will also serve scoops of ice cream, in flavours like Obamarama and AxlRose-water. All products will be made in the store’s open kitchen.

To see this story, and the whole of the sample report click here.


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