August 13, 2009, 9:05 am

Hovis, Premier Foods’ leading bread brand, is launching a targeted marketing campaign to boost sales of its 400g loaves. Comprising of an on-pack promotion and coupon distribution, the activity hopes to drive purchase of the range, which includes Wholemeal, Seed Sensations, Granary and Original Wheatgerm.

400g loaves are predominantly bought by consumers from one and two person households. 80% of the spend in this sector coming from consumers who are 45 and over, and whose media choices include newspaper supplements, mature lifestyle magazines and direct mail. This growing market over indexes on coupon redemption, so Hovis will be running money-off coupons across 15 publications, including the Radio Times, with a potential reach of 11 million people. Vouchers will also be door dropped to 2.2 million households.

Hovis will also be running a prominent on-pack initiative across all 400g lines, offering consumers 20p off of their next purchase. The packs are available now. During the campaign, Hovis hopes to attract an extra 1 million households to the Hovis 400g range.

Edward Milner, Head of Category Management, said, “The 400g category is a crucial part of the bread market. Due to changes in consumption and household demographics, it has been in growth for many years. For a large proportion of the country, 400g is more relevant than a larger loaf, so it is important that we provide for them. If we were to focus just on 800g, we would be ignoring a whole market, and in these economic conditions it is more important than ever that we support those smaller and older households.”


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