July 16, 2009, 9:00 am

Lipton, the world’s leading tea brand, has launched new Lipton fruit, herbal and destination-inspired infusions. The new range of seven Lipton Infusions are all-natural, and are both caffeine and calorie free*. They are made with real pieces of fruit, refreshing herbs and aromatic spices, to give fragrant aromas and a tantalising taste, for drinking any time of day or night.

The company says choose from a variety of gorgeous boutique flavours to match your mood and moment. They are widely available in major retailers, and the guide retail price for a box of 20 Lipton Infusions pyramids is £1.15 for the fruit and herbal flavours, to £1.39 for the destinations range.

Two fruit styles are said to be full of zingy flavours and have the perfect balance of delicious fruit:
Lipton Red Fruit Infusion – Strawberry, Raspberry and Cranberry
Lipton Lemon and Ginger Infusion

Two herbal styles are said to be delicately fragrant with relaxing aromas to help you unwind:
Lipton Sunny Camomile Infusion
Lipton Crushed Peppermint Infusion

Three destination-inspired styles are said to recall the sensations of favourite holidays. Drift away and enjoy:
Lipton Alps Infusion – Spearmint and Eucalyptus
Lipton Andalucia Infusion – Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit peel, Apple, Rosehips, Chicory root and Liquorice
Lipton Morocco Infusion – Spearmint, Cinnamon, Orange peel, Chicory root, Rosehips and Liquorice

Lipton Infusions come in a pyramid bag which allows the fruit, herbs and spices room to really infuse.

Lipton’s says

Lipton’s says just leave the bag to infuse in freshly boiled water for three to five minutes to let the full flavour shine through. With none of the tannin found in regular tea leaves, Lipton Infusions offer light, satisfying refreshment and a clean finish on the palate. Serve in a fine glass mug to enjoy the clarity of the infusion. The stylish box is small enough to carry with you; or keep a box handy in the office, and enjoy the gorgeous, refreshing taste any time.


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