June 1, 2009, 9:30 am

Tesco says it will open a new carbon neutral store in Ramsey Cambridgeshire and The Sunday Times has voted Tesco as the greenest supermarket.

The carbon neutral store forms part of a continuing series of initiatives such as extending its carbon labelling scheme and providing charging points in its car park, for electric cars.

The store will be wood-built and will have a combined heat and power plant which, being on site will be much more efficient as there will be little wasted energy, it will also be versatile enough to run on wood chippings and bale straw.

Chief Executive, Sir Terry Leahy, commented that he doesn’t see government regulation and interference as the answer to the fight against climate change. He expressed concern that telling people to consume less and reducing the economy is not the answer to keeping people united in their efforts to reduce the effects of climate change and in promoting the green ethos to developing countries.

He said “If we are only able to demonstrate that there is a future of tax and regulation and limited growth in order to achieve sustainability, China and India won’t buy into it. We have to show how modern economics, modern marketing and distribution and competition actually encourage people to consume the same.

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