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Brand new seminar from The Food & Drink Innovation Network called Healthy Middle Years addresses a massive market and large NPD opportunity.

The Middle Years run from ‘forty-something’ to ’sixty-something’ when less vitality makes people think seriously about preserving or improving their health. Too much of the wrong food and too little exercise can hit any of us with weight-gain, insulin-resistance, diabetes, blood-pressure, cholesterol, painful-joints and slower thinking. And as if that weren’t enough, women face the menopause no matter how much they try to slow their ticking-clocks.

This is a brand new look at what promises to be a huge market where soya, fish oils, oats, plant sterols, stanols, slimming and low GI products are already big sellers.

In this seminar we’ll take a day to explore what other healthy, delicious and convenient food and drink products we can create for this important section of the population.

Gaynor Bussell, Nutrition Scientist and Registered Dietitian will chair our seminar, and she has brought together a weighty cast of speakers for the day. With her Food & Drink Federation background, she will give an overview of why the food industry needs to focus on The Middle Years.

Prof Tom Sanders Head Of Nutrition & Dietetics, Kings College London, and leader of his field, will share with us his wisdom as we look at The Middle Years health problems and how we can use diet ro reduce or avoid them.

Prof Nino Binns, Consultant in Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs will outline what we can and can’t market in order to remain legal.

Christophe Jouen, Head of The Future Foundation, the renowned think-tank will give us a helicopter view of The Middle Years and the lifestyles and shared values and behaviour of Middle Years consumers.

Ed Garner, Director of Communications at TNS will tell us what Middle Years consumers are eating now, and will go on to eat over the next few years in terms of both products and nutrition.

Kate Waddell, Research Director of Dragon Rouge, the brand, design and innovation agency, will be conducting some Specially commissioned qualitative groups to give us up to the minute findings on consumer motivation. This research alone would cost thousands if it were commissioned independently.

Renny Ison, Head of European R & D, McNeil’s Nutritionals will tell us about The science and history of top-brand BENECOL and its role with Middle Years consumers.

Claire Hughes Company Nutritionist, M&S , will give us a view from a retailer that knows the importance of The Middle Years customer.

Kate Arthur, Company Nutritionist, Alpro, will give us a manufacturer’s view of The Middle Years and the role soya plays for these consumers.

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