March 27, 2009, 9:30 am

Belvoir Fruit Farms celebrates 25 years of making award winning elderflower cordial with the launch of two new variations on this quintessentially English drink.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Belvoir (Pronounced Beever) has made huge gains in distribution since its major graphics change.  Well done to them.  Here’s what they have to say about their latest products.

“Belvoir Elderflower, Gooseberry & Muscat cordial (70cl, RRP £4.15) is made to an old family recipe from an infusion of freshly picked elderflowers, blended with farm pressed gooseberries and Muscat juice; Belvoir Pear & Elderflower Pressé (25cl RRP £1.55 and 75cl RRP £2.35) combines the delicate scented taste of elderflowers with sweet pressed pear juice and sparkling spring water.

Belvoir Summer Cooler Pressé, an original combination of fresh cucumber, mint, bubbling spring water and a hint of spirit-soothing geranium blossom, will also now be available in a 25cl bottle, to complement the existing 75cl bottle size. The new varieties will be available from delis and farm shops from March, while supermarket listings are expected to follow shortly.

“The business has come a long way since my mother started making elderflower cordial in our kitchen,” says Belvoir MD Pev Manners “ In the first year we produced 500 bottles – today that’s grown to 8 million as consumers increasingly seek out naturally produced, delicious products. We hope these new flavours will underline our position as the original elderflower producer and help us grow our share of the market.”

Belvoir will also be refreshing its labels with a new bolder typeface to increase shelf stand out.

Belvoir Fruit Farms ( hand produces 15 cordial varieties, nine pressé and five Good Stuff juice drinks including organic and non-organic ranges. They are all free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, ‘natural’ flavours, preservatives or any other ‘nasties’.

All the varieties are bottled, pasteurised and ready for sale within 24 hours”.


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