February 24, 2009, 9:38 am

The Food Standards Agency reported that its monitor, which measures changing consumer attitudes to food safety, as well as their trust in the FSA itself has just been updated. The sample was 2097 UK adults interviewed during December 2008.

There was an increase in confidence versus the previous quarter and 60% of the respondents felt confident that enough was being done by organisations to protect health.

Overall the confidence level increased from 61% to 64% and the level of confidence in the FSA was the highest since the survey began in 2001. However the percentage declined as the report drilled down into specific issues such as salt, fat and food prices.

The Consumer Attitudes’ Survey, which is published annually, is currently being prepared and the quarterly data will be consolidated within that. The FSA has also published an ad-hoc Public Attitudes To Food Issues survey which focuses on healthy eating, shopping and food safety when eating out.

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