January 22, 2009, 9:30 am

Alibi claims to be the world’s first Pretox drink!  Its creators don’t believe that functional food and drink should be about helping the body ‘after’ its been stressed, but rather it should prepare for whatever’s ahead; whether it’s a long day in the office, a hard gym session or a night out with friends.
Whilst detoxing can help you recover after any sort of excess it doesn’t help you in the moment when you need to give that extra 10%, which is why Alibi decided to bring things forward a bit. Rather than relying on sugary energy drinks that give you a lift and then a big crash Alibi is designed to support your body, whatever the demands you place on it and help it actively pretox.

With 17 functional ingredients in every can, Alibi has everything your body needs to stay on top of your game. With the natural taste of Californian grapefuit and Tuscan lime, Alibi works in harmony with your body to process toxins as they enter your body’s system. Containing your full RDA of Vitamin C and all the essential B vitamins, with effective levels of milk thistle, gingko and the amino acid L-Glutamine; Alibi contains the most naturally powerful antioxidants around. You’ll be ready for anything, morning, noon or night.

Alibi is sold mainly through health stores.  More information


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