“Innovative” marketing campaign pays off

August 27, 2008, 10:31 am

Dr Oetker has announced that its Onken brand has benefited from a campaign to educate consumers about its natural yoghurt range.

According to Talking Retail, the ‘My Onken: My Way’ initiative was developed in order to demonstrate innovative ways to use the product.

Sales have grown by 22.5 per cent over the last month, something that Dr Oetker attributes to the campaign’s success.

Senior brand manager Rachel Oakley commented: “We’re delighted with the success of the campaign and the innovative way that it has reinforced the brand and introduced consumers to new ways to serve Onken natural yoghurt.”

The campaign included publishing recipe ideas in a number of magazines, as well as holding sampling events and developing an interactive website.

Food and Drink Towers recently reported that consumers are increasingly embracing natural foods, preferring them to functional foods such as probiotic yoghurts amid concerns over artificial ingredients.

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