Fruit bars ‘suitable for lunchboxes’

August 27, 2008, 10:31 am

A range of fruit bars is ideal for inclusion in children’s packed lunches, its makers have claimed.

Stream Foods said its school bars products, which are being produced under the Fruit Bowl brand, meet the requirements for healthy snacks in schools.

This is in response to School Food Trust recommendations that teachers send home notes to the parents of children eating unhealthily.

According to Stream Foods, the bars contain one of the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables, containing real fruit and no added sugar.

The snacks are available in packs of five and each one contains 67 calories as well as 0.6g of fat.

Last month Metro Drinks announced that it had developed a new formula for its Juice Patrol range.

Talking Retail reported that this would allow it to be sold in schools, as it now complies with the School Food Trust guidelines.

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