Fish and chips are favourites

July 25, 2008, 1:24 am

A survey has found that fish and chips are the best thing about being British.

The poll, conducted, by the Holiday Inn hotel group, asked 7,000 people what they liked most about Britain and the classic seaside snack pipped the Queen to the top spot.

Sunday roasts also featured at number four, just behind old-fashioned pubs.

Andrew Smith, spokesman for Holiday Inn, was quoted by the Mirror as saying: “This list gives a fascinating insight into what it means to be British.”

Other typically British fare to feature in the top ten were cream teas, red phone boxes and Big Ben, while cheddar cheese and Cornish pasties came in at numbers 17 and 22 respectively, according to the Express.

Last week revealed that 11 per cent of people would like to see chip shops deliver takeaways, while 57 per cent would like healthier options such as salads and Japanese food when ordering in.

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