UK’s first ‘tommelier’ employed by Pizza Express

June 4, 2008, 4:32 am

Pizza Express has announced that it has employed a tommelier – the UK’s first – to help the restaurant choose the best tomatoes for UK consumers.

Working in a similar way to a sommelier, Paulo Battistel will use his experience and finely-tuned palette to pick out the tastiest tomatoes for Pizza Express’ Italian-inspired products, Food and Drink Towers reports.

Spokesperson for Pizza Express Jane Botros stated that the firm has used the skills of Mr Battistel to source a new kind of tomato.

“Our Tommelier has helped us source the new tomatoes for our British tastes including one variety from a tiny village in Sicily which has just the right amount on sun, salt and soil to create the tastiest tomatoes for pizzas,” she said.

Ms Botros added that there are 5,000 different kinds of tomatoes.

A sommelier is trained in all aspects of wine service, developing wine lists as well as the procurement and storage of the product.

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