Fruity sauces ‘bring fun to teatime’

June 4, 2008, 4:32 am

A new range of fruit sauces have been launched by Hartley’s, parent company Premier Foods has announced.

Available towards the end of the month, the sauces will be available in raspberry, blackcurrant and tropical flavours, Talking Retail reports.

The sauces are made from 70 per cent real fruit, the company said, and will be packaged in a squeezy bottle.

Hartley’s marketing controller Helen Touchais stated that “healthier NPD [new product development” will provide the company opportunities to grow the sector.

“Fruit Toppers bring much-needed brand innovation into the mainstream sauces category, have great alignment with the major consumer trends of convenience and health for children,” she said.

Ms Touchais added that kids will enjoy the fun element of the dessert, while also increasing the amount of fruit they consume.

Yesterday, Weight Watchers announced the launch of three new cake products.

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