Children’s party food goes healthy

June 15, 2008, 4:21 am

A new range of children’s party food menus has been devised by Les Enfants, the upmarket children’s party specialists, in collaboration with Pomegranate Catering.

All the products offered by Les Enfants boast fresh, organic ingredients, after research by the firm discovered that 82.1 per cent of mums said that they want healthier treats in party food.

Fruit smoothies, homemade fish fingers in an oat and rye crust, and baby carrot cake bites with orange and cinnamon icing are all offered by the company.

Children should be able to enjoy party foods that are not “chock-full of E-numbers and junk”, founder of Les Enfants Katie Burnett stated.

“With our inventive food menus, we’re helping children to enjoy the taste of real food made from fresh, natural ingredients that are good for them,” she said.

As well as children’s parties, Les Enfants also caters for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, baby showers, prom nights and christenings.

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