Organic food ‘must be ethical’

April 7th, 2008

The Soil Association has announced revisions to its standards on organic food, following an extensive consultation on the subject.

Organic produce can only be air-freighted if it meets the Fairtrade Foundation’s standard or the Soil Association’s, the organisation has concluded.

The decision has been reached after the Soil Association’s Standards Board conducted first-round consultation on the subject that lasted for four months.

Industry members, non-governmental organisations, government agencies, the public and other bodies were contacted through the research.

Anna Bradley, chair of the Soil Association’s Standards Board stated that the aim of the study was to ensure “the best outcome” for the planet and its people.

“By addressing concerns over air freight in our standards, we aim to make it easier for consumers to make informed and sustainable choices, allowing poor farmers in developing countries achieve the social and environmental benefits of organic production along with the economic benefits,” she said.

It was in May last year that the organisation decided to further investigate the impact of organic air-freighting.

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