Easter is associated with ‘chocolate not religion’

April 17, 2008, 6:17 pm

A poll of the British public has found that just over two-thirds of people associate the spring-time Christian festival with chocolate and not religion.

In fact, ten per cent of respondents of the Hotel Chocolate poll said that Easter has no connection with religion whatsoever.

It seems that purchasing delectable chocolaty goods is becoming more important during Easter, the firm stated, as the results of its survey showed that receiving chocolate is perceived to be ten times more important than spending time with family during the celebration.

According to the Hotel Chocolat research, over half of those questioned said they would rather spend more money on quality Easter eggs and chocolate gifts as cheap chocolate is frowned upon.

The company has brought out a range of special Easter gifts in the run-up to the celebrations on Sunday, with the Rocky Road to Caramellow egg being one such product.

Costing £19, the egg is filled with handmade chocolates and boasts a cookie texture.

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