New international lager for UK market

March 27, 2008, 10:05 am

A new beer is to be launched in the UK by Pierhead Purchasing, which aims to attract the country’s lager drinkers with its unique character.

Max Prime is a best-seller in its native South Korea and it is thought by Pierhead that the beer will bring a unique quality to the UK alcoholic beverage category, Talking Retail reports.

“The beer also gives high end bars and restaurants the opportunity to develop their backbar selection with a stylish easy drinking beer that has plenty of character,” the company noted in a statement.

It is also suggested by the company that Max Prime is served with Asian food such as Korean, either served in restaurant or a takeaway at home.

The beer is described as having a citrus smell and a wheaty flavour.
Pierhead also distributes beers from China, Vietnam and Japan in the UK.

Recently, Global Brands announced it is to create a ready-mixed mojito drink.

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