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  • Friday, August 28th, 2015, (3:28 pm)

    Tangerine Confectionary unveils Halloween range

    halloween sweets tangerine confectionaryTangerine Confectionery is introducing two special editions for the seasonal Halloween market.

    Sweet Champions Halloween Bag (200g, £1) and Sweet Champions Halloween Pouch (500g, MRRSP £4, priced at £3 on promotion) will launch this month.

    The Sweet Champions Halloween Bag features all the childhood favourites that consumers young and old know, such as Dip Dab Lolly, Refresher Lolly, Wham Mini Chews, Kola Frosties, Fruit Salad Flat Lolly and BlackJack Flat Lolly. (more…)

  • Friday, August 28th, 2015, (1:13 pm)

    James White Drinks Organic Ginger Zinger Shot

    james white ginger zingerJames White Drinks is waking up the ginger drinks market with a zing as it launches its Organic Ginger Zinger Shot.

    The Ginger Zinger is a 7cl shot made with 26% crushed ginger juice, 57% apple juice and 17% water and nothing else.

    It is 100% natural (no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours) and certified organic by The Soil Association, with a RRP of £1.49 per shot. (more…)

  • Friday, August 28th, 2015, (11:10 am)

    Oliver & Greg’s announces new look for wine range

    oliver & greg's wineOn Trade wine range Oliver & Greg’s, has announced a full brand refresh and packaging redesign for its range of world wines.

    The new design aims to communicate an enhanced warmth and personality in line with the globetrotting nature behind the brand.

    First developed in 2003, Oliver and Greg’s includes varietals from some of the world’s legendary wine producing countries, including France, Australia and South Africa. (more…)

  • Friday, August 28th, 2015, (9:10 am)

    Sacla expands Gluten Free range

    sacla free from pestoSacla’, the UK’s pesto brand, is broadening its free from range with the launch of three new sauces.

    Available from 31 August, the new free from sauces include Free From Basil Pesto & Tomato Stir-In, Free From Creamy Tomato Stir-In and Free From Creamy Whole Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce.

    The three new variants are all suitable for vegans, certified gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and are made in Italy by the founding Italian family. (more…)

  • Thursday, August 27th, 2015, (3:35 pm)

    Can Hypnotism Help With NPD?

    seminar npd logoIn November we’re going to be talking about Unlocking The Power Of Insight For Innovation and NPD.

    It’s on Tuesday 10th November at our usual venue in Bloomsbury, London.

    Dr Nick Southgate, consumer researcher and planner, is chairing the event and is surely one of the world’s main thought leaders on all things consumer insight. (more…)

  • Thursday, August 27th, 2015, (1:25 pm)

    Aero unveils limited edition packaging

    aero pack limited editionNestlé Confectionery’s bubbly chocolate brand Aero has unveiled a collaboration with British fashion designer Matthew Williamson to create a new limited edition wrapper design.

    The design will feature on Aero Milk Chocolate and Aero Peppermint impulse bars (both RRP 62p), with stock available from 28th September.

    A Nestlé UK & Ireland spokesperson said: “Matthew Williamson is a well-known high-fashion designer popular with Aero’s female target audience. (more…)

  • Thursday, August 27th, 2015, (9:00 am)

    Gü extends large eats range with four new cheesecakes

    Sharing Chessecake GuZillionaireThe pudding purveyors at Gü have introduced a range of new Sharing Cheesecakes to their repertoire.

    Designed for four people or more, the UK can now share one of Gü’s flavours with friends and family.

    The Doubly Decadent Chocolate & Vanilla, Super-Indulgent Gü York, Absurdly Moreish Gü-zillionaires’ and Fabulously Zingy Lemon Cheesecakes will be sold nationwide. (more…)

  • Thursday, August 27th, 2015, (7:00 am)

    HECK launches Chicken Bangers

    heck chicken sausagesTo celebrate British Sausage Week (2nd November) HECK has created a healthier take on an old favourite to get sausage lovers thinking outside the box.

    HECK Zesty Chicken and Smoky Paprika Chicken sausages (each £2.98 340g) follow hot on the heels of the Yorkshire food company’s low fat and gluten-free Chicken Italia sausages.

    Launched earlier this year, they have raced up the pecking order with a healthy twist and appeal to slimmers, free-from groups and anyone wanting to stay in shape without giving up their favourite foods. (more…)

  • Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, (3:31 pm)

    Elmlea enters crème fraiche market with NPD

    elmlea creme fraicheElmlea, the UK’s cream brand, is launching its first ever crème fraiche alternative product, Elmlea Fraiche, available from August.

    In line with consumer preference for healthier, lighter versions of crème fraiche, Elmlea Fraiche taps into this demand with 50% less fat than normal crème fraiche products.

    Rhiannon Carr, Elmlea brand manager said: “Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional crème fraiche and as the UK’s number one cream brand, Elmlea is perfectly positioned to meet this demand. (more…)

  • Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, (1:10 pm)

    Thatchers Gold gets a brand refresh

    thatchersA brand refresh for its flagship brand Thatchers Gold is the latest element of a heavyweight marketing campaign to be implemented over the summer by the Somerset cider maker.

    Evolving the Somerset scene that has been featured on the Gold label over recent years, the images have been strengthened and tasting note made more prominent.

    The new design is now being rolled out across Thatchers Gold 500ml bottles, 440ml cans and the draught badge. (more…)

  • Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, (11:19 am)


    fdin seminarThe final SACN report is out now.

    It is said that the reduction in sugar recommended for our food and drink has to be draconian, and fibre is the new black. No action is not an option.

    So we’ve asked Dr Carrie Ruxton to run a Post SACN briefing day on Wednesday 23rd September. (more…)

  • Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, (9:07 am)

    Dragons’ Den brand Yogiyo to launch in Sainsbury’s

    yogiyoThe trend for Korean cuisine is set to hit the big time after Sainsbury’s confirmed a deal to launch Yogiyo, the UK’s first range of authentic Korean sauces, and the latest food brand to catch the eye of Peter Jones in the Dragons’ Den.

    As aired on the latest episode of the BBC show, Peter Jones invested in Yogiyo after Company Founders, Ben Ansah and Sue Youn, wowed him with their cooking and dipping sauces, which celebrate the boldest and most popular flavours in Korean cooking.

    After a bidding war in the Den, he secured a 33% share of the business for a £50,000 investment. (more…)

  • Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, (7:01 am)

    United Biscuits launches NPD for Its Mcvitie’s Cake Range

    UB cakesUnited Biscuits (UB), the international manufacturer of biscuits, snacks and cakes, has announced the re-launch of two long-established products – McVitie’s Jamaica Ginger and Lyle’s Golden Syrup Sticky Pudding Cakes.

    The brand has also launched two new additions to the range.

    The brand new McVitie’s Golden Sticky Lemon Pudding Cake and McVitie’s Sticky Marmalade Pudding Cake aim to provide an affordable, quick and easy after dinner solution that the whole family can enjoy. (more…)

  • Tuesday, August 25th, 2015, (3:36 pm)

    Arla launches new dairy drinks

    arla protein milk drinkArla, the famer-owned dairy company, will continue a year of NPD in the dairy market with an expansion into the dairy drinks category, with two new launches, Arla Protein Drinks and Arla Flavoured Milk.

    These launches are part of Arla’s plans to make Arla a leading household brand name in the UK over the coming years.

    Arla Protein Drinks are the latest addition to Arla’s Protein range, and mark a serious move from the company to enter the dairy drinks category, with a product to appeal to health conscious and fitness loving men and women. (more…)

  • Tuesday, August 25th, 2015, (1:11 pm)

    Pork Farms launches new savoury pastries

    wall's slicePork Farms is launching a new range of limited edition slices.

    The new products have been released as part of the Wall’s range to reflect emerging food trends and include BBQ Chicken and Cheese, Steak and Cheese, and Pepperoni Pizza Slices.

    Customer rewards are also high on Pork Farm’s agenda, with new 25% Extra Free offers on favourites such as Chicken and Mushroom, Chicken & Bacon, Chicken Tikka, Peppered Steak and Ham & Cheese Slices, launching into convenience stores this summer. (more…)

  • Tuesday, August 25th, 2015, (11:03 am)

    Birds Eye expands ranges with new products

    birds eye stir your sensesFrozen food specialist, Birds Eye, is extending its product portfolio with two new launches as part of its ongoing commitment to meet evolving consumer demands for nutritious and easy to prepare meals.

    The new products include Stir Your Senses Risotto Primavera, an addition to its Stir Your Senses range and Wholegrain Chicken Grills.

    Developed with consumer insights front of mind, these launches aim to provide shoppers with appetising meals, created with quality ingredients for a hassle-free cooking experience. (more…)

  • Tuesday, August 25th, 2015, (9:12 am)

    Taking Healthy FreeFrom to the Next Level

    annual freefrom seminarOur Annual Freefrom seminar will take place on Tuesday 13th October and this year’s theme reflects the evolution of Freefrom: Tapping into a new healthier lifestyle.

    It seems that Freefrom is now free from the past … and is moving into a new era of lifestyle and choice for many people who don’t have a food challenge at all and an era of many more delightful choices for those who do have to be careful what they eat.

    And now that the products are as delicious or more delicious than the standard offering, the markets are really opening up. (more…)

  • Tuesday, August 25th, 2015, (7:03 am)

    Ella’s Kitchen launches new Kids’ Snacks range

    ella's kitchen kidsKids’ brand Ella’s Kitchen is expanding its snacking portfolio with a new range of products to appeal to kids from three to five years.

    The new Kids’ Snacks range includes two products and seven taste combinations.

    The 100% organic snacks range is designed especially for bigger kids, providing them with snacks that are not just delicious, but have a fun factor too. (more…)

  • Monday, August 24th, 2015, (3:27 pm)

    Britvic continues to cut calories

    fruit shoot logoBritvic is launching reformulated ranges across Robinsons Fruit Shoot My-5 and Hydro, Fruit Shoot’s range of flavoured spring water soft drinks, in a further effort to reduce calories and sweetness levels across its portfolio.

    Designed to appeal to kids and parents alike, the refreshed drinks will be launched in time for the start of the new school year.

    A 200ml bottle of Fruit Shoot My-5 is now made with 75% juice content and constitutes one of the five recommended portions of fruit and vegetables per day, also complying with UK Government regulations on drinks in schools. (more…)

  • Monday, August 24th, 2015, (1:13 pm)

    Lucozade Energy launches new Reduced Sugar Tropical Fusion

    lucozade energy reduced sugarLucozade is adding a new Reduced Sugar variant to its Energy portfolio – Reduced Sugar Tropical Fusion.

    Available from 18th August, Lucozade Energy Reduced Sugar Tropical Fusion delivers the same taste as the Lucozade Energy core range, but contains half the amount of sugar.

    Lucozade Energy Reduced Sugar Tropical Fusion is an exotic blend of pineapple and kiwi fruit, a flavour combination that builds on the trend for tropical flavours whilst meeting consumer demand for reduced sugar energy drink options. (more…)

  • Monday, August 24th, 2015, (9:00 am)

    Nature & More launches mini lemons

    mini lemonsWithered lemon quarters in the fridge, half a lemon in the fruit basket surrounded by hungry fruit flies… eventually they are thrown away.

    This also happens in the lemon orchards around the world when perfect lemons are left to rot for the simple reason that they are too small.

    This is a great shame particularly because these mini lemons are ideal for single household families – that is why Nature & More is launching new organic mini lemons. (more…)

  • Monday, August 24th, 2015, (7:00 am)

    Caramac launches sharing bag format

    caramac giant buttonsNestlé Confectionery’s Caramac brand has unveiled a new launch which heralds a move away from a bar format for the first time in its history.

    The new Caramac Buttons sharing bag (110g) has an RRP of £1.59, with stock available from 31st August.

    Launched in the UK in 1959, Caramac has a caramel flavour. (more…)

  • Friday, August 21st, 2015, (3:16 pm)

    Emerge energy drink unveils new packaging

    emerge energy drink

    In consultation with its consumers, energy drink brand, Emerge, has launched new product enhancements across its entire portfolio.

    The new packaging design aims to help the brand cement its position as a credible contender in a maturing energy market, creating a more premium look and brand proposition at the same price point.

    The investment in the brand’s design has been made following an extensive consultation period centred around consumers. (more…)

  • Friday, August 21st, 2015, (1:08 pm)

    Oxo adds new Stock Pots to it’s range

    oxo stock potsPremier Foods is adding a new range of Stock Pots to its existing Oxo portfolio.

    The new range consists of three flavours: Rich Beef with Onion and Rosemary, Succulent Chicken with Garlic and Thyme, and Garden Vegetables with Parsley and Bay

    The launch will be supported with a £3m media campaign consisting of TV, digital, national sampling and in-store activations to raise awareness for the new products. (more…)

  • Friday, August 21st, 2015, (11:03 am)

    Landmark Wholesale launches new Lifestyle baking range

    landmark bakingLandmark Wholesale is offering a new range ingredients to boost home baking sales.

    As The Great British Bake Off attracts millions of viewers yet again, retailers can offer customers the mix of products and value, thanks to the new Lifestyle range of own-brand groceries.

    Stuart Johnson, retail controller, Landmark Wholesale, said: (more…)

  • Friday, August 21st, 2015, (9:17 am)

    Cherizena unveils Christmas Coffee for 2015

    Cherizena christmas coffeeCoffee specialist Cherizena has launched its limited edition Christmas coffee of 2015 for cafés, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and caterers.

    The festive blend is Cherizena’s most popular limited edition flavour.

    Available as beans or ground, regular or decaffeinated, the Christmas coffee has been created by flavouring the Colombian Excelsior medium bean with a combination of rum, hazelnut, cinnamon, vanilla, orange and pecan nut flavours. (more…)

  • Friday, August 21st, 2015, (7:12 am)

    Sol launches on-pack giveaway to champion ‘local independents’

    solHeineken has revealed a new on-pack promotion for Sol following a multi-million pound investment into the brand, with the launch of a through the line, national campaign, #IndependentsDay.

    The promotion, the first of its kind for Sol, will run across the entire off trade hitting shelves in August, supported by digital and print activity.

    Born in 1899 out of post-revolutionary Mexico, Sol beer was a way of displaying ‘Espiritu Libre’ (Free Spirit) for those who drank it. (more…)

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